Meet Our Team

Sammy and Kristen Robinson


Sammy and Kristen Robinson come from very extensive sports family backgrounds. They have a passion to see youth make positive decisions and empower them to make a difference in their communities. Sammy and Kristen Robinson are motivational speakers who travel extensively around the world, and have spoken to thousands of youth and young adults, promoting a message that you are “never to young” to make a difference. They believe that physical activity is not only vital for a healthy life but also is a positive and fun environment for promoting awareness to community and world issues. They reside in beautiful Langley, British Columbia.

Kaylea Hibbert

Activity Coordinator

Kaylea Hibbert grew up with sports and physical activity playing a large role in her childhood. Having participated in a large variety of sports, individual and team, winter and summer, competitive and recreational, playing and coaching (including Ringette, Badminton, Soccer, Volleyball, Track and Field and more), the importance of staying active and getting involved remains a priority. Helping organize events for youth allows her to motivate youth to be involved in staying active, enjoying time with family and experiencing the joys of working as a team. She is currently attending McGill University in Montreal to complete her Bachelors of Education, hoping to further influence younger generations.

Jared and Jamie Kulmatycki

Director of Skateboard Division

Jamie and Jared Kulmatycki live in Abbotsford, BC  and have been involved in the skateboard culture for over fifteen years.  Through LoveBomb skateboard events, this couple’s desire is to inspire the skateboard community to make a difference in the lives of others who are less fortunate. Jamie and Jared’s long term plan is to open an indoor skateboard park that will house Canada’s best skateboard talent during the wet winter months of the northwest. Jared works for a company called HRC Contractors and is also attending University of the Fraser Valley where he is completing his Bachelor of Arts with the goal of becoming a middle school teacher.

Denton And Sherisse Ellerby

Co-director Of Hockey Division

Justin And Elesha Greter

Co-director Of Hockey Division